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Whether you’re a web developer responsible for thousands of pages or a freelance web designer working on websites for local business, CSS is a very important skill to master. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets provides web developers and designers with the ability to create attractive web pages. This course will show all levels of users an introduction to CSS3, understanding of the CSS box model, working with page layouts, using colors and backgrounds, web typography, working with lists and tables, and dynamic CSS3 properties.

Module 1: Introduction to CSS3

 1.1 Introduction

 1.2 The Advantages Of Style Sheets

 1.3 Discovering Cascading Style Sheets

 1.4 CSS Structure And Syntax Part 1

 1.5 CSS Structure And Syntax Part 2

 1.6 CSS Structure And Syntax Part 3

 1.7 Using Different Kinds Of Style Sheets

Module 2: Understanding The CSS Box Model

 2.1 What Is The Box Model

 2.2 Height And Width

 2.3 Margin And Padding

 2.4 Working With Borders

Module 3: Working With Page Layouts

 3.1 Positioning Elements

 3.2 Floating Elements

 3.3 Controlling Display And Visibility

Module 4: Using Colors And Backgrounds

 4.1 Working With Colors

 4.2 Working With Backgrounds

Module 5: Web Typography

 5.1 Understanding Fonts

 5.2 Working With Text Properties

 5.3 Text And Shadow Effects Part 1

 5.4 Text And Shadow Effects Part 2

Module 6: Links, Lists, And Tables

 6.1 Working With Lists

 6.2 Using Navigation Bars

 6.3 Working With Tables Part 1

 6.4 Working With Tables Part 2

Module 7: Dynamic CSS3 Properties

 7.1 Using Transforms Part 1

 7.2 Using Transforms Part 2

 7.3 Using Transitions

 7.4 Using Animations

 7.5 CSS Project Part 1

 7.6 CSS Project Part 2

 7.7 Course Conclusion