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HTML Essentials



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HTML is one of the main programming languages that power the internet. And once you master it, you can begin to create your own web content, whether it be simple websites or complex online applications. This online training course provides an in-depth look at the essentials of writing and editing HTML code.

Module 1: What Is HTML?

 1.1 Introduction

 1.2 What Is HTML

 1.3 HTML Resources

 1.4 Choosing A Code Editor

 1.5 The Relationship Of HTML, CSS, And Java Script

Module 2: The Structure And Components

 2.1 The HTML Document

 2.2 DOCTYPE Declaration

 2.3 The Head

 2.4 The Body

 2.5 The Footer

Module 3: Formatting The Page

 3.1 Using Headings

 3.2 Creating Paragraphs

 3.3 Emphasizing Text

 3.4 Controlling Line Breaks And Whitespace

 3.5 Creating Lists

 3.6 Working With Tables

Module 4: Structuring Content

 4.1 Why Structure Matters

 4.2 Controlling Document Outlines

 4.3 Structure Elements Part 1

 4.4 Structure Elements Part 2

Module 5: Adding Links, Images And Other Media

 5.1 Working With Links Part 1

 5.2 Working With Links Part 2

 5.3 Working With Images Part 1

 5.4 Working With Images Part 2

Module 6: Styling Web Pages

 6.1 HTML And CSS

 6.2 Creating Inline Styles

 6.3 Controlling Typography

 6.4 Adding Color

 6.5 Externalizing Styles

Module 7: Creating Your Own Website

 7.1 Creating A Website Part 1

 7.2 Creating A Website Part 2

 7.3 Conclusion