Microsoft 70-448: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance

Microsoft 70-448: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance


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This course covers the following topics to prepare students for the 70-448 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance exam: how to implement SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS solutions, as well as how to configure, deploy and maintain SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS solutions.

SSIS Packages

1.1 Intro

1.2 Lesson 1 Creating SSIS Packages

1.3 Creating A New Package Lab

1.4 Data Sources Lab

1.5 Connections Lab

1.6 Lesson 2 Control Flow

1.7 Creating And Editing Control Flow Lab

1.8 Lesson 3-Part 1 Data Flow

1.9 Lesson 3-Part 2 Data Flow Transformations

1.10 Data Flow Lab

Debugging and Error Handling in SSIS

2.1 Lesson 1 Debugging And Error Handling in SSIS-Part 1

2.2 Enable Transactions And Observe Trans Rollback Lab

2.3 Set Checkpoints In A Package Lab

2.4 Lesson 2 Debugging And Error Handling in SSIS-Part 2

2.5 Setting Up Constraints Lab

2.6 Turn On Logging Lab

2.7 Lesson 3 Debugging And Error Handling in SSIS-Part 3

2.8 Identifying Data Flow Errors Lab

Deploying and Configuring SSIS Packages

3.1 Lesson 1-Part 1 Deploying

3.2 Lesson 1-Part 2 Sharing Ordering And Configuring

3.3 Create An XML Configuration Lab

3.4 Create A SQL Server Configuration Lab

3.5 Use A Property Expression To Update A Connection Lab

3.6 Lesson 2 Deploying An SSIS Package

3.7 Create And Deploy An Installer Kit Lab

Securing and Executing SSIS Packages; Service Administration

4.1 Lesson 1-Part 1 Securing And Executing SSIS Packages

4.2 Lesson 1-Part 2 SSIS Package Security

4.3 Turn On Package Encryption Lab

4.4 Change Security Roles Lab

4.5 Lesson 2 Executing And Administration

4.6 Create And Execute A Command-Line Statement Lab

4.7 Execute A Package Through SQL Server Agent Lab

Data Analysis

5.1 Lesson 1 SSAS Cube Development

5.2 Create SSAS Project Lab

5.3 Create A Data Source Lab

5.4 Create A Data Source View Lab

5.5 Lesson 2 Creating And Modifying SSAS Cube

5.6 Creating A Cube Lab

5.7 Using Cube Designer To Edit A Cube Structure Lab

5.8 Lesson 3 Creating A Dimension

5.9 Create A New Dimension Lab

5.10 Lesson 4 Creating Measure Groups And Measures

5.11 Add Measure Groups Lab

5.12 Configure Measure Groups And Measures Lab

Extending SSAS Cubes

6.1 Lesson 1 Extending SSAS Cubes Part 1

6.2 Define Attribute Relationships Lab

6.3 Define User Hierarchy Lab

6.4 Lesson 2 Extending SSAS Cube Part 2

6.5 Implement The Reseller Sales KPI Lab

6.6 Lesson 3 Extending SSAS Cube Part 3

6.7 Turn On Proactive Caching Lab

Extending SSAS Cubes

7.1 Lesson 1-Part 1 SSAS Storage Processing And Deployment

7.2 Lesson 1-Part 2 Aggregating And Enabling Proactive Caching

7.3 Turning On Proactive Caching Lab

7.4 Lesson 2 SSAS Deployment

7.5 Deploy Database With Deployment Wizard Lab

7.6 Lesson 3 Processing

7.7 Processing Scripts Using SQL Server Agent Lab

Securing and Administering SSAS

8.1 Lesson 1 SSAS Security

8.2 Create A Role and Set Security Lab

8.3 Lesson 2 Backing Up SSAS

8.4 Backing Up Datain Management Studio Lab

8.5 Lesson 3 Managing SSAS Turning and Logging

8.6 Turning On Query Logging Lab

8.7 Lesson 4 SSAS Administering

8.8 Turn On And Use SQL Server Profiler

8.9 Monitor SSAS Performance Lab

Working With SSAS Data Mining

9.1 Lesson 1-Part 1 Prepare And Creating Data Mining Structures

9.2 Lesson 1-Part 2 Data Mining Algorithms And Usage

9.3 Data Mining Wizard Lab

9.4 Lesson 2  Mapping Mining Structure Attributes To Source Columns

9.5 Create A Model From A Cube Lab

9.6 Lesson 3 Predictive Models

9.7 Lesson 4 Data Mining Security

9.8 Managing Permissions Lab

Developing SSAS Reports

10.1 Lesson 1 Understanding SSRS Reports

10.2 Creating Reports Lab

10.3 Lesson 2 Creating A New Report Database

10.4 Generate More Reports Lab

10.5 Lesson 3 Advanced Report Object Properties-Part 1

10.6 Lesson 4 Advanced Report Object Properties-Part 2

Extending and Deploying SSRS Reports

11.1 Lesson 1 SSRS Report Parameters

11.2 Create A Report Without Using Wizard Lab

11.3 Lesson 2 Extending SSRS Reports

11.4 Lesson 3 Deploying SSRS Reports

Scheduling Deployed Reports and Data Sources

12.1 Lesson 1 Scheduling Reports And Subscriptions

12.2 Creating A New Role For SSRS Lab

12.3 Lesson 2 SSRS And Data Sources

12.4 Set Up Shared Schedule Lab

Configuring And Administering the SSRS Server

13.1 Lesson 1 Installing And Configuring SSRS Server

13.2 Changing Settings In Configuration Manager Lab

13.3 Lesson 2 Administering The SSES Server And Command-Line Utilities

13.4 Backing Up And Restoring Encryption Keys Lab

13.5 Outro