Microsoft 70-686 Pro: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator

Microsoft 70-686 Pro: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator



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This course enables students to learn how to plan and deploy Windows 7 desktops in large organizations. Students will also learn how to design, configure, and manage the Windows 7 client environment.

Course Outline

Module 1: Developing a Strategy for Windows® 7 Business Desktops Deployment

Module 2: Evaluating Application Compatibility in Windows® 7

Module 3: Assessing Deployment Methods for Windows® 7

Module 4: Designing Standard Images for Windows® 7

Module 5: Deploying Windows® 7 with Windows AIK

Module 6: Using Windows Deployment Services to Deploy Windows® 7

Module 7: Deploying Windows® 7 Using Lite Touch Installation

Module 8: Deploying Windows® 7 Using Zero Touch Installation

Module 9: Migrating User State Using USMT 4.0 and WET

Module 10: Planning, Configuring, and Managing the Client Environment

Module 11: Planning and Deploying Applications and Updates to Windows® 7 Clients