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This course provides training for basic, intermediate, and advanced features of Microsoft Office Word 2013 software. Microsoft Word 2013 is a word-processing program that helps users organize and write their documents more efficiently. Microsoft Word is designed to help users create professional-quality documents with the finest document-formatting tools, and also includes powerful editing and revising tools so that users can collaborate with others easily.

Word 2013 Introduction

1.1 Intro Word

1.2 Screen Layout

1.3 Page Setup And Text Entry

1.4 Auto­correct Text Formatting

1.5 More Font Formatting

1.6 Fonts continued

1.7 Font Attributes Using Right Click

1.8 Paragraph Attributes

1.9 Customizing Bullets And Numbers

1.10 Reveal Codes Putting It All Together And Saving

1.11 Viewing Rulers

1.12 Formatting Images

1.13 Inserting Images

1.14 Tabs

1.15 Window Views And Putting It All Together Part 1

1.16 Window Views And Putting It All Together Part 2

Word 2013 Intermediate

2.1 Intro To Word 2013 Intermediate

2.2 Review Introduction To Styles

2.3 Headers And Footers

2.4 Section Breaks Section Footers

2.5 More Objects Word Intermediate

2.6 Tables In Word Intermediate

2.7 Inserting Text Boxes Word Intermediate

2.8 Additional Page Attributes Word Intermediate

2.9 Intro To Customizing Attributes

2.10 Continuing Auto­correct Options

2.11 View Options In Navigation Pane

2.12 Mail Merge Part 1

2.13 Mail Merge Part 2

2.14 Mail Merge Part 3

2.15 Table Of Contents

2.16 Columns

2.17 Working With Outlines

Word 2013 Advanced

3.1 Word Advance Introduction

3.2 End Notes Foot Notes

3.3 Captions

3.4 Citations

3.5 Table Of Authorities

3.6 Reference Page Index Table

3.7 Track Changes

3.8 Compare

3.9 Advance Mail Merge Part 1

3.10 Advance Mail Merge Part 2

3.11 Advance Smart Art

3.12 Templates

3.13 Custom Configuration