Microsoft Windows 10: Power User Course

Microsoft Windows 10: Power User Course



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With Windows 10 just being released, students that obtain these certifications will have a considerable advantage in the marketplace as companies start to migrate over to Microsoft's new OS. Microsoft has anticipated having Windows 10 on over a billion devices. Windows 10 contains many new features that have revolutionized Microsoft's platform. The start button is back, more security has been added, a new browser has been integrated and Microsoft has even added their voice based personal assistant, Cortana. This course is a Microsoft Windows 10 Power User course, which will teach students how to most efficiently utilize the Windows 10 platform. This will give students a considerable advantage over those that are using Windows 10 without any training.

Module 1: Getting Started With Windows 10
Module 2: Using File Explorer
Module 3: Using Windows Applications
Module 4: Browsing the Web with Microsoft Edge
Module 5: Customizing Windows
Module 6: Connecting Devices
Module 7: Managing User Accounts
Module 8: Backing up Important Data
Module 9: Maintaining Windows
Module 10: Protecting Windows
Module 11: Monitoring Performance
Module 12: Working with Control Panel and Settings