Oracle 11g OCA 1Z0-051 & 1Z0-052: Fundamentals and Administration

Oracle 11g OCA 1Z0-051 & 1Z0-052: Fundamentals and Administration



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This course is in preparation for the The Oracle Database 11g Administrator (OCA 11g) certification exam. The Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certification (OCA 11g) ensures that database professionals have a strong foundation and expertise in the industry's most advanced database management system, Oracle 11g. Oracle 11g training course will teach students how to install and maintain an Oracle database, how to create an operational database, and how to properly manage the various structures in an effective and efficient manner, including performance monitoring, database security, user management, and backup/recovery techniques. Students will also learn skills required for working with SQL, including how to use the advanced features of SQL in order to query and manipulate data within the database, control privileges at the object and system level, and use advanced querying and reporting techniques. After completing Oracle OCA 11g course, students will gain a conceptual understanding of the Oracle database architecture and how its components work and interact with one another. Oracle databases are the one of the most popular database platforms in the world. Increase your skills and marketability today by achieving Oracle certification!

Module 1: Database Admininstration

1.0 Intro to Oracle

1.1 Database Administration

1.2 Installing Oracle Part 1

1.3 Installing Oracle Part 2

1.4 Post Setup Overview Part 1

1.5 Post Setup Overview Part 2

1.6 SQLplus Part 1

1.7 SQLplus Part 2

1.8 SQLplus Demo part 1

1.9 SQLplus Demo part 2

1.10 SQLplus Demo part 3

1.11 Startup and Shutdown part 1

1.12 Startup and Shutdown part 2

Module 2: Oracle Architecture

2.0 Oracle Architecture

2.1 Schema Objects

2.2 Data Access

2.3 Architecture

Module 3: Database Schema

3.0 Database Schema

3.1 Create Table & Tablespace part 1

3.2 Create Table & Tablespace part 2

3.3 Create View

3.4 Create Index

3.5 Create Sequence

Module 4: Recovery Manager

4.0 Recovery Manager

4.1 What is RMAN

4.2 RMAN Demo

4.3 Restore Part 1

4.4 Restore Part 2

Module 5: Introduction to SQL

5.0 SQL part 1

5.1 SQL part 2

5.2 Parts of SQL Statement

5.3 Select Statement

Module 6: Filtering and Sorting Data

6.0 Build ERD part 1

6.1 Build ERD part 2

6.2 Build ERD part 3

Module 7: Functions

7.0 Functions

7.1 More Functions

7.2 Group Functions

7.3 Custom Functions

Module 8: SET Operators and Subqueries

8.0 SET Operations

8.1 Subqueries

Module 9: Regular Expressions and SQL Loader

9.0 Regular Expressions

9.1 SQL Loader