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This course is to teach students Unix Administration Basics. Topics covered in this course include VirtualBox, basic commands, special characters, file editing, file system structure, finding files, Shell special characters, regular expressions, process management, job scheduling, customizing your account, UNIX printing, networking, X Windows, backup and compression, text utilities, Shell scripting, and system administration basics.

Module 1: Virtual Box

Module 2: Basic Commands

Module 3: Special Characters

Module 4: File Editing

Module 5: File System Structure

Module 6: Finding Files

Module 7: Shell Special Characters

Module 8: Regular Expressions

Module 9: Process Management

Module 10: Job Scheduling

Module 11: Customizing Your Account

Module 12: Unix Printing

Module 13: Networking

Module 14: X Windows

Module 15: Back Up And Compression

Module 16: Text Utility

Module 17: Shell Scripting

Module 18: System Administration Basics